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Air-Rite is very active in the domestic air-conditioning sector with it accounting for approximately 50% of our turnover.

We can provide full design, supply, installation and after sales service in the following specialised fields.

  • Domestic split system air-conditioning
  • Commercial air conditioning installations including VRV equipment
  • Domestic multi-zone ducted systems
  • Dehumidification systems -  Custom wine Cellars
  • Air purification equipment- Stainless steel & aluminium fabrication
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The Air-conditioning Specialist    

How often do you hear an electrical retailer proclaiming themself as an “air-conditioning specialist” in their advertising?  Yes they certainly sell a lot of air-conditioning systems, but that alone doesn’t make you a specialist! 

Someone who has had a one hour “how to size an air-conditioner” lesson and spends a good part of their day selling TV’s and washing machines isn’t anything like an “air-conditioning specialist”.

A TRUE AIR-CONDITIONING SPECIALIST should have the following attributes.

  • Specialise predominately in air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation.
  • Employ qualified tradesmen and personnel.
  • Employ and train apprentices.
  • Hold a  BSA licence in the correct category.
  • Hold a refrigerant trading licence as required by the Dept. of Environment & Heritage.  
  • Provide in-house after sales product service.

At Air-Rite we value these qualities and don’t use the term ‘specialist’ lightly.

The piecemeal process – How does it work?

As many of our clients have experienced first hand, buying an air-conditioner is easy, but what happens after you walk out of the retailer’s shop with a couple of boxes? Well we call this scenario “THE PIECEMEAL PROCESS”, and it generally goes something like this.

  1. Firstly you hope that you have been sold the right unit for the job. Without an experienced person actually coming to your home or office and properly surveying the area, correctly sizing the system can sometimes go horribly wrong. Furthermore, will the unit physically fit where you want to place it?
  2. You will generally be given the name  of a couple of freelance installers who you then chase up to install the unit. In some cases you may have to also arrange your own electrician as well, then try to co-ordinate him with the installer.
  3. Then after you have organised everyone, the installers arrive and generally because they haven’t seen your job prior, you hope they have all the equipment and material required to complete your installation.
  4. You now pay the installer for his installation. Sometimes you may be charged more than you were “quoted” due to difficult electrical runs, additional pipework, pipe covers or outdoor unit mounts.

Great, now your unit is finally running! 

My unit break downs - What happens now?

After a month or so your unit breaks down. Who do you call? The retailer, the installer or the electrician? Most people will call the retailer who will refer you onto a warranty service agent. Another entity is now brought into this tangled web! The service agent attends and finds your system has lost its refrigerant charge because it has leaked out via a field flare connection that was fitted off by the installer.

The unit manufacturer WILL NOT cover this under warranty so the service agent has no option but to present you with his bill.  He suggests you chase up the installer to be re-imbursed for your outlay. We wish you good luck with that!

Obviously not every  system purchased through a retailer will pan out like this scenario, but we hear of the above or similar stories all too often and are regularly asked to pick up the pieces when a job goes wrong.

The purchasing process – How does it work? 

The purchasing process Air-Rite offers couldn’t be more different and works along these lines.

  • You call our office and make preliminary enquiries.
  • If you would like to arrange a free on site consultation and quote we will arrange and confirm a convenient time with you. We attend your home or office, assess your needs and in most cases offer a number of possible solutions.
  • We quote you a “turn key” all inclusive price. The price will include installation, all electrical, manufacturer’s warranty and our own exclusive 5 year guarantee on our installation workmanship. Any specific exclusions will be clearly shown. 
  • After acceptance of our quote, generaly within a few days we will advise you of an installation date. The installation date arrives and your job just happens.  Of course we are at the mercy of inclement weather, equipment supply and other intangibles, however we always give as much notice as possible if we are unable to keep an installation date.

- In the event your unit does ever break down, you make one call… you call us and we fix it!  Even in the unlikely event of an installation defect, we will fix it without charge for 5 years after installation!  No palming you off onto service agents or 3rd party installers, if we sell it, we fix it!

Our Air-Conditioning Fields

  • Domestic air-conditioning
  • Commercial air-conditioning
  • Commercial design to Building
    Code of Australia requirements
  • Variable refrigerant volume systems for large
    residential and commercial
  • Mechanical ventilation design & installation
  • Kitchen exhaust canopies
  • Air purification equipment
  • Custom built wine cellars
  • Fire damper inspection & repairs
  • Sheetmetal fabrication
  • Stainless steel & aluminium fabrication

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