Commercial Air Conditioning

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of custom commercial air conditioning and ventilation solutions to meet the unique needs of your business or organisation. We use a wide range of trusted and industry leading products in the design of our solutions. Our expert team have great knowledge of a wide range of commercial air conditioning and ventilation products including, but not limited to: Daikin, Hitachi, Fantech, Danfoss, Pacific HVAC and Innotech.
Air-Rite Offers:
Free Onsite Consultations & Quotes

Air-Rite provide free onsite consultations & no obligation quotes to ensure we capture the detail required to inform our system design aligned with your requirements.

Innovative & Energy Efficient Design

Air-Rite employs a large team of experienced commercial air conditioning experts which enables us to design and install innovative and energy efficient cooling systems and structures in line with your business needs.

Industry Leading Technical Expertise

We employ fully licensed and trade qualified staff across the fields of air conditioning, refrigeration, fabrication, solar and electrical.

End-to-End Service

We employ a multi-skilled team of experts all under the one roof so we don’t need to outsource expertise, we can deliver complete solutions tailored specifically to the requirements of your business, saving you time and money.

Peace of Mind

Air-Rite provide 5 years warranty on all workmanship related to our commercial air conditioning installation service. In the unlikely event that a system we have designed and installed for you has a problem, our team will repair it for you as a priority and free of charge. No questions asked!

Uncompromised Quality

Your system will be designed by industry leading professionals that are committed to our foundation value of delivering ‘uncompromised quality’. Our sales team have a high level of product knowledge and our design team apply their craft to develop innovative and compliant commercial air conditioning solutions aligned to your specific needs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Sales, Design and Installation

We can design, supply and install a wide range of commercial air conditioning systems and components. Our commercial air conditioning service covers:

  • Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

  • Split System Air Conditioners

  • Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems

  • Roof Top Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

  • Warranty Replacement and Installation

  • Dust Control and Exhaust Installation

  • Custom Ventilation Ductwork

  • Stainless Steel Upgrades to Rusted Ventilation Ductwork

  • Aluminium Screening & Security Structures

  • Electrical Switch Board Upgrades

Our commercial design team are all trade qualified and ensure compliance with all Building Code of Australia requirements.

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